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Nuclear energy is one of the most promising areas for investors, as the construction of a nuclear power plant helps to reduce the harmful effects of the greenhouse effect on the atmosphere. It is known that the leaders of the EU intend to invest in nuclear power and to develop a strategy of cooperation based on the Paris climate Memorandum.

According to the world nuclear Association until 2030 will be built over 250 new nuclear reactors. More than 14 nuclear power plants are already operating in 14 countries of the European Union. Worldwide nuclear power plant, poisoning the atmosphere, are replaced by nuclear power plants and introducing new technologies.

Nuclear power plants are also built in the United States, and the total investment in the sector will exceed $ 100 billion. In the near future, experts predict the development of the industry in Eastern Europe, Asia and former CIS countries. According to public statistics, over the next 10-13 years the volume of investment may exceed $ 1.5 trillion. Contrary to the opinion that nuclear power is unreliable for investment because of the constant search for alternative energy sources, at present, this branch actively develops and receives the flow of investment.

Company-Name works in the market of nuclear energy within three years and has branches in many countries where nuclear power is developed, participates in research projects, environmental programs, provides equipment and modernizing outdated nuclear power plant. Company-Name is officially registered in the UK company and operates successfully at both the state and international levels, investing in the development of energy supply and modernization of nuclear power plants. A team of professional engineers, electricians, technicians, experts on energy efficiency provides a stable and successful work of the company.

Energy saving the company's contracts provide the opportunity to earn revenue from users paying for electricity. This ensures a guaranteed income. Currently, the company has orders for more than 15 projects to reduce energy consumption in the amount of about a million dollars. At the same time, some of the projects currently being implemented. Company-Name is open for cooperation with investors.

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